Question Windows will not boot Gigabyte B450M Gaming

May 30, 2020
Hi there.

My pc was on the desktop yesterday, when the display went black entirely. When trying to reboot, the windows loading screen shows, but then the diaplay says no signal consistently. The BIOS loads fine when I unplug the HDD and reset the CMOS by bridging the pins.

I have unplugged everything except the CPU and HSF, the expected RAM beep code occurs. After installing the RAM the beep codes correctly indicate that no gpu is installed. After reattaching that, the original problem persists. I have attempted to boot from USB, but that does not work (same issue) , anything outside of thw BIOS causes the no signal problem. I have even hooked up a different SSD with windows on, which also doesnt work. I have tested this with two separate PSU's one of them being a corsair CX650, the other an integrator 500w.

I have an AMD 7 2700 processor and 2x corsair venegance LPX 3000mhz 4gb sticks. All this kit i bought recently, and has worked without issue until yesterday morning.

I even tried to boot from a linux USB, but as soon as i select an option from the SYSLINUX menu, the display again does not work. It seems as soon as the pc tries to hand over control to any OS, the problem is encountered. Does anybody have an insight into this?