Question Windows wont boot after installing Intel HD graphics Drivers

Mar 23, 2021
MBO: Asrock Z77 Extreme 3 (newest UEFI installed)
CPU: Intel i7 2600 running at stock settings
SSD: Kingston A400 240 GB
RAM: 2 sticks of G Skill F3-14900CL9-4GBSR
Display: Dell U2312H connected over VGA
Power supply: Seasonic 750W Gold+
OS: Windows 10 Educational 64bit

After turning on the PC boot starts and it comes up to Windows logo and dots underneath spinning after that it fails and just stalls with ocassional graphic artifacts. After some troubleshooting I ve come to conclusion that Intel HD graphics are causing the problem. I ve managed to enter in safe mode and uninstall all drivers with DDU, after uninstalling drivers windows boots just fine. The problem is that immidietly on startup windows reinstalls drivers for HD graphics of IGPU and on next boot windows boot stalls.
I ve tried next things:

  1. Install latest UEFI
  2. Clear CMOS
  3. Install older HD graphics drivers
  4. Uninstall all drivers available to uninstall in DDU
  5. Run diagnostics on CPU (everything worked)
  6. Run stress test on CPU (everything worked)
  7. Change video port (mbo has 3 I ve tried HDMI, same problem occurs)
  8. Change settings of primary video output in UEFI
So in conclusion windows wont boot with Intel graphics drivers installed but has no problem booting without them install them right away and use them.

I recently put this build together and since then I ve had this problem, if anyone had any similar problems please help!
Mar 23, 2021
Try all again without any DDU involvement.

Go directly to the the applicable manufacturer websites.

Download, reinstall, reconfigure.
Ok, here is what I tried after posting this post
  1. Tried reinstalling all drivers from device manager from safe mode
  2. Confirmed my RAM sticks dont have any bad sectors with bootable memtest
After all those steps I had no more ideas so I reinstalled Windows all together, here are thethings that I ve learned about this problem.

Reinstalling windows resolved this problem but not for too long. After clean installation I ve used windows for a few days after what they automatically pulled all new updates. Long story short newest windows update is causing the the problem with booting. After that I ve tried rolling back updates but no luck, only new clean windows installation cures this problem.
Mar 23, 2021
Okay I have looked in update history and uninstalled uninstall able updates the some of them couldn't be uninstalled. After that I disabled updates in local group policy and disabled drivers with updates. I ve also disabled automatic drivers installation in settings->devices->devices and printers-> selected pc and changed device installation settings.

After all changes I tried to reset pc with same problem still occurring so I entered in safe mode and uninstalled Intel HD drivers to be able to boot the PC and at least use it on Microsoft basic adapter driver, almost immediately after booting windows automatically installed Intel HD driver back again despite that option being disabled.

So I tried installing old Intel HD driver version for my CPU from 2015, no luck there.
I ve also tried using sfc/scannow which found some errors and fixed them but had no effect on windows not booting situation, I also tried dism command in case sfc was corrupted, after running dism command I ran sfc command again with same effect.

The state of machine now is that it boots fine without Intel HD graphics drivers, but wont boot with them installed and also I was unable to prevent windows from automatically installing the drivers no matter what.

After all that I that I turned on boot logging and recorded one log with Intel HD drivers (failed boot) and one without Intel HD driver (successful boot). I don t know how to interpret logs, if anyone does please help!

BOOT logs:
Dec 25, 2021
I Have this problem too, but when i change the processor it's able to boot.
i3 2100 ( Cannot Boot ) i3 2120 ( Can boot )
my suspect is, :

1. the driver not support the processor. must try find old version driver.

2. the processoris broken.