Question Windows wont recognize GPU?


Nov 3, 2016

Having some issues with windows not recognizing my GPU in task manager and device manager.

Im running HDMI from the gpu to monitor and it displays.

Currently unable to install the latest Geforce experience driver because windows is not at the latest version and is having errors with display after updating.

Any help is appreciated
Geforce experience isn't a driver. GeForce experience is an app. The Nvidia driver is literally an entirely separate component of software and in fact you can choose to not even HAVE GeForce experience on your system if it causes you problems or you simply don't use it like me. And using GeForce experience to keep your drivers up to date OFTEN causes problems for people.

Have you TRIED simply going to the Nvidia website, downloading the latest driver package for your card, and then running that installer?

What IS your Windows version and your Windows BUILD version? Is there a REASON why you do not have whatever Windows version you are running, up to date?

What are your FULL hardware specifications?

Device manager MUST be recognizing your graphics card if you have a display. You could not HAVE a display if it was not recognizing it, even if it is only using a basic display adapter driver to do so, unless perhaps you are actually connecting your display cable to your motherboard video output rather than to the graphics card itself.

Problems like this are quite often due to something being borked up in the registry. Any idea WHEN the last time a CLEAN install of Windows was done?