Question Windows won't show previews of .png files when opening them from Windows Explorer ?


Feb 14, 2019
hi! i've been on the hunt for a solution to this problem for a while now, but i haven't gotten lucky.

Basically, whenever i want to open an image file through windows explorer (i.e. to change my Discord or Steam profile picture), it will not preview any .png images in the little pane to the right. UNLESS i open the folder manually without the "open" prompt, enable the preview pane in the folder itself and preview the .png file there. After doing that, the explorer file-window previews the image in question just fine. Any other image file (.jpg or .bmp) gets previewed without issue.

I'd also like to clarify that so far i only seem to be having this issue with programs that are installed on my pc, but not in browsers. I can upload images to facebook or imgur and preview them in the explorer window just fine, but for applications such as Discord or Steam it doesn't work.

I doubt screenshots make it any easier to understand, but in case they do i took some of the process i have to follow: imgur link

I've tried deleting and rebuilding the search index a couple times, deleting temporary files including thumbnails through the windows menu, deleting temporary files manually and checking my drives for errors or similar. None of these have worked so far.
Since i have the same problem on Steam and other programs, i doubt that reinstalling any of them will help.

If anyone has any suggestions, i'd appreciate it! The problem won't kill me, but it can be annoying when i'm designing or creating art.