Question Windows won't start without Lauching CSM mode thru BIOS.

Mar 5, 2023
I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU, when i tried to boot up I was taken straight into the BIOS. Windows wouldn't boot and BIOS showed that I had no available bootdrives.
I couldnt get windows or my SSD's to show up until I launched CSM mode.
How can i boot windows without CSM mode? Ive tried a fresh install of windows and the same keeps happening.
How can i reset my pc without Windows? Everytime I "reset my pc" it only gives me an option to reinstall windows from the same device.
What do you mean "without Windows"? The "Reset my PC" feature in Windows is basically an in-place reinstall. However, I'm not sure if it actually works if you changed the CSM setting. You may have to reinstall by using an install medium and installing the OS on a cleaned OS drive.


Win 11 Master
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