windows xp booting prob. really need help


Dec 18, 2005
ok i have anew rig i mad
amd 3800 x2 dual core
ati x1800 xt 512mb
asus A8r-mvp mobo
seagate 300 gb barracuda
so i installed windows xp service pack 1(came with old dell) and everything got installed. so now when i reboot windows xp will not load at all. what i get is

copyrights materials

broadcome.exe- failed to load media files

exitting boradcome

ntldr missing
ctr-alt-del to restart
wtf is ntldr? ive tried switching boot setups, trying to reinstall windows xp but always freezes at screen where it asks you to puch enter to start xp or click r to repair screen. i did get windows xp to load once but after i rebooted it did nothing. excpet for what i already told you. i need some help. ive been waiting since dec 24 to get my computer up and running like normal. replies appreciated!