Windows XP CD - Dont have one, Need to re-install windows?!


Feb 24, 2006
I baught a laptop from PCWorld few years ago, now I receintly had alot of software errors/problems with allmost everything, so I was told a reinstall of windows will fix 99% of it, so I uninstalled XP using my friends XP Home CD. I tryed to use my Product Key which is on a sticker under my laptop. No Joy!

I phoned up PCWorld and they told me I shouldave backed up my harddrive when I baught this laptop... therfore its all my fault(even though they didnt tell me that at the time?!). anyway.. Its my fault, If i could go back I would.

I have a legit product key & *HAD* a legit copy of windows... but I dont know how to get it back :(

I am just wondering how I get round this?

(I have contacted Microsoft, but because its the weekend, Im unlikely to hear a reply untill monday at the earliest & Thought someone might be able to come up with a sugestion on here)

Cheers :)


Contact the laptop manufacturer and ask them for a restore CD. Might cost you some money, but it will be cheaper than purchasing an OEM copy of Windows.

(Make sure if you do borrow a disc from someone that it is OEM, NOT retail. Retail copies of XP won't install from OEM license keys).

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