windows xp (hell for tweakers)



I have three comps in the house all networked. I use win98se and win200 on them. When this windows xp gets released I was thinking about buying it. My problem is I only want to buy one copy for all of my computers. But I heard that if you install winxp you have to register it. That way supposedly I am not able to install the same copy onto my other systems because of the registration. I also change my systems every day or weekly. Trying new things with overclocking or maybe just simple upgrading. I even use H.Oda's program for modifying the registers on my Via mobo in my athlon system. If I make simple changes I heard I have to reregister this crap. I'm not really a hacker but if anyone has a way to get around this crap I'm all ears. If I'm wrong about any of this stuff can anyone please inform me. And if this stuff is all true can someone please direct me to a site where I can start to learn about hacking codes and the sort. Thanks anyone who replies.

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Feb 6, 2001
You got it!!! What a hit...

How in the world are service, repair, network, software and support people going to deal with this Product Activation requirement. How about deploying/supporting XP or Office XP in corporate environmet with a hundred or thousands of boxes out there. Guess that's going to add little to the network install procedure...

Just thinking about Activation is real bad news - it implies deactivation.

I personall really like Microsoft products and contribution to applied computer science, but

This is my first real hit by the M$ 400 LB Gorilla's Monopoly!!!

With out getting into all ramifications, just getting the code to disable or limit the functionally of the OS into all copies of the OS - after it is installed correctly - must surelly be against the Law - or at best VERY Dangerous!!!

Now I see the 400 LG Gorilla clearly!
Man, it takes real big em's to release this while still on appeal.

Next release -> Microsoft's Pay-per-Boot

Its a free market, But who ya going to call!
Either don't buy , or check out

If you would like to send the Antitrust Division your comments on this case, please direct your correspondence to

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