Windows xp on ryzen?

I have a ryzen 3 1200 and gtx 1050. I want to play some early xp games without a virtual machine. I want to know how this is possible. I know drivers do not exist for xp for my cpu and b350 chipset, but would would the basic xp drivers work? Do xp drivers exist for my 1050?


The biggest problem will be mouse and keyboard. You won't have USB (2 or 3). You might have PS2. You probably won't have storage. You'll have 4GB RAM. Good luck. I wouldn't hassle with it. It would be much easier to go to a thrift shop and buy a "junk" PC that works with XP for $30 ...
I have a cheapo 90s ps2 keyboard and a ps2 port on my mobo. That solves problem 1. Ill have to see about the storage. The 4gb ram limit doesnt hurt xp so thats not a problem. The problem with buying a junk pc is getting an old gpu. They arent cheap on ebay. Ill just have to try.
Ok. That sounds promising. Is there any place to get a trial iso? I have a virtual box running from the trial xp vhd included the xp mode xp vm you can download from Microsofts website.
The vhd from xp mode works well in virtualbox, but how do i convert the vhd into an iso to etch to a usb drive. I have extracted the vhd and coppied the vhds contents to a usb stick but it doesnt boot from it. I have done the command prompt vhd to iso converter using virtualbox successfully before, however it just sticks at 0% with this vhd for over an hour.

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