Mar 30, 2006
I have a computer with a ECS moherboard # n2u400-a with a amd sempron 3200 with 1.5 gb of pc3200 memory and wd 40 gb hard drive. This computer was going very slow and when stepson turned the computer off and tryed to turn back on it would only go to black screen when trying to boot up. The message that apeared on the monitor was check signal. The old cpu wich was a amd xp1700 with 1.5gb of pc-2100 memory. I tested old cpu on another computer and it was dead. I just installed the new cpu and memory. I had to clead cmos to get it to boot up. The computer boots up and starts to load windows then would reboot after the windows xp screen would apear. I tried safe mode and would crash before it was loaded. I took out the video card and wireless card and the installed spare video card. I now can get it to load into stepsons user profile but will load about half of the prgrams and reboot again. I can't get the safe mode to fully load. It reboots in the safe mode before fully loading. I'm thinking its a driver issue. The big problem is the stepson has files he doesn't want to loose. I have spare drive for this but he is too lazy to back it up. Any ideas would help. The memory is out off my other computer. This memory worked great in my other computer so I know its not a memory problem.