Windows XP redundant system


Sep 20, 2011
Hi all,

I want to make a system where two identical windows XP based nodes will be used in such a way that they share everything among them so that they become replica of each other. I cannot go with Linux as this is for my wife and she is a fan of XP. The reason is that she does not like to do any troubleshooting work with computer and always wants her system to be available. So I decided to to setup this so that if one goes down then another is available. This is basically a fail safe system. Any ideas?


Sep 13, 2011
Not quite sure if I know enough about this to suggest, but....

To me, it would make sense if you had a low power 3rd system running a server for the files to be stored on there.

Have both computers set up to run off of the servers HD and that way, as soon as a pic is downloaded, or a doc is saved to storage (Maybe even, programs installed?) go directly to the server.

Either that or get a backup program to do a mirror image of your comp every night, week, month and back it up to an external hard drive.

Hope this helps a little!