windows XP, unable to access a Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive. not recognized!


Jul 11, 2015
I have a 3T Seagate backup plus external hard drive hooked up to my computer but the Windows XP does not recognize it - so I can't access it. This is new as I used to be able to do so.
Generally speaking, external hard drives have a shorter lifespan than internal ones, and that's particularly the case with Seagate ones in my experience. See if you can test it with SeaTools:

If SeaTools can't detect it either, open Disk Management in Windows Control Panel to see if it just needs a drive-letter assigning to it.
If it isn't shown in Disk Management, assume the worst and replace the drive.
Hi there hmfson,

It will be a good idea to start with testing the drive as Phillip Corcoran already suggested. :)

Except for having no drive letter, there is a possibility that the drive has corrupted partitions or file system. Depending on that, you may need to use some partition/data recovery software.(you can check that if you go to Disk Management)

In case the HDD is not recognized by Disk Management, then it has most probably failed. I guess you can try attaching it with a different cable to a different port.


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