windows XP won't re install with my disk. never prompted to boot from CD drive.


Jul 1, 2013
I need to re install windows XP on my Dell laptop. I locked myself out of the computer and don't remember my password, and this was the only way I was told it would work. I've already lost access to all my files on the computer (cant log in) but now I cant even use the computer because Windows XP wont re install. I have the disk and case. It has 2 CD's in it. One says "microsoft office XP small business" and the other just says "Microsoft office XP". I've inserted both into the CD drive and re started the computer, but am never prompted to "boot from CD drive" and it just loads the current windows XP i have and wants me to enter a password and log on. How do I begin the process to re install windows so my computer is usable again?



You have to go into the BIOS, and change the boot order:
1. DVD
2. HD (hard drive)

This AFTER you obtain a valid Windows XP install disk.

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