Question Winlogon.exe Runtimebroker.exe Random Shutdowns.

May 16, 2021
Over 3 weeks ago, my PC that has been built and working fine for almost 3 years now started shutting down and starting up by itself.

This started one night after being shut down as I was about to sleep. That day it was used regularly and presented no failures. Last hardware change was on December as I added another SSD for storage. Haven't touched the pc since then. Did no install any program/upsate that night.

Shutdowns seem to be completely random as they can happen 15 times a day, just 3 a day or sometimes there is a large period of no shutdowns (24 aprox).

Windows Event viewer showed and has been showing this couple of error every single time the pc shuts down itself.

Source: Kernel-Power

Event ID: 41

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

Source: User32

Event ID: 1074

The process C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe (DESKTOP-0G9VTAA) has initiated the Apagar of computer DESKTOP-0G9VTAA on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: No se encontraron títulos para este motivo

Reason Code: 0x500ff

Shutdown Type: Apagar


Yesterday a couple of shutdows showed this event instead of the winlogon.exe one.

The process C:\Windows\System32\RuntimeBroker.exe (DESKTOP-0G9VTAA) has initiated the power off of computer DESKTOP-0G9VTAA on behalf of user DESKTOP-0G9VTAA\Cesar for the following reason: Otros (no planeado)
Reason Code: 0x0
Shutdown Type: power off

Here is the list of every single attempt to solve this problem.

[ ] Normal temperatures on NZXT CAM
[ ] Reconfigured Power Settings
[ ] Disabled XMP on BIOS
[ ] Disabled CPU C states on BIOS
[ ] Changed Registry Logs
[ ] Ran CMD sfc scan
[ ] Ran Intel Utility Test for CPU
[ ] Ran full Windows Defender Scans
[ ] Ran Malware Bytes Scan
[ ] Removed any unnecesary peripherals
[ ] Reinstalled Windows
[ ] Repaired Windows
[ ] Recabled everything
[ ] Changed PSU
[ ] Removed GPU
[ ] Removed E and D drives, one SSD remains
[ ] 4 ram sticks, tested each pair separately.
[ ] Changed the CMOS Battery from MOBO
[ ] Tried another MOBO
[ ] Changed UPS
[ ] Changed to a different power outlet

Most of the solutions came from people reporting the same issue or almost identical issues on forums. Some came from Microsoft Windows Tech Support, some others from an Independent Advisor at a Microsoft Forum.

Last week, I sent my pc to a technician in order to check what is going on. To our surprise, my pc never turned off nor start up itself from Monday to Thursday. Each day he left the PC on for half of the day, and the other half off. None of ehat I have reported happened.

Not sure if it was a hell of a lucky streak or if my house is cursed. Any advice will be helpful.


Noted that you used a different power outlet - that is good but is that outlet on a different circuit?

Any additional power connections between outlet(s) and PC? For example: surge protector, power strip, extension cord.

Especially if between outlet and UPS.

USP: make, model, age, condition? Old and new?

Is your area subject to multiple power outages, brownouts, surges, etc.?

Do you have a qualified electrician who can check your house wiring?
May 16, 2021
Hi, so most of the tests I did were using the same power regulator, not UPS. The model is Koblenz BP-1400. I did some tests on both power outlets from like the spot. Then I switched to the power outlets from my living room but I kept using the same regulator. There was nothing else connected on the outlets of my living room, just the regulator which had my monitor and pc. For the outlets I was originally using, I had some other stuff connected. My work pc and monitors, an alexa device, and a ventilator. But these were on the other power outlet via a strip, not on the same regulator as my pc.

The Koblenz regulator was new when bought and seems tl be in a good condition. Age of use is around 3 years, same as pc. After doing everything on the list and and having sent it over to a technician that had no problem with the pc on hia office, I bought a new ups. But it did not solve the issue. New one is a Forza Nt-1011.

Not sure how it is possible for the pc to no have shut down nor start itself for over 4 days on a different place.

Power outages only occur when it rains a lot and there are strong winds, which has not happened in months.