Question Winmon attack

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Sep 15, 2021
I have been attacked by a Trojan which is very dangerous.

I clicked a link a link it downloaded something got installed and Windows Defender told its a Severe Trojan threat.

Immediately it closed my Chrome, Started an online screen recorder, and several windows of CMD were opening and closing.
I immediately disconnected the internet. Went to taskbar and closed most of its running processes.
Went to windows defender clicked take actions on threats but both Defender and I got helpless. I went for a Full offline scan.
Then my Pc got restart and scan started as soon as Defender detected the threat it showed
"One or more severely dangerous files may not have been removed."
Then my PC ran into Blue Screen of death and its just not restarting.
The HDD light is no more blinking.
Pls help very urgent.

Just got it restarted
Pls tell about csrss file

Windows defender detected that its a Winmon trojan and labelled it severe.
Full scan could not be completed. Pc crashed
Since trying to restart but it has taken over boot also, cmd is almost taken over and safe mode also not working
Whenever something good j do to go away from the bootloop to windows blue screen of death occurs.
Also system restore could not be done due to the same trojan.
Not open for further replies.
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