WinTV PCI & nVidia drivers


Jan 16, 2002

I've got a bizarre problem here. I just updated my TNT2 Ultra's drivers to the most recent versions indicated by MS DirectUpdate (dxdiag says it is version = Detonator 23.11) and now my WinTV application (WinTV2k) isn't capable anymore of viewing the images fluently. I think it skips some frames every once and every while. When I 'Roll back' (Nice feature in WinXP) to the old version (according to dxdiag version = Detonator 21.81) everything works fine.
What I am going to try next, is installing the most recent version of the TV-cards drivers, hoping that they know how to work together with these new drivers from MS. BTW, I also tried drivers directly from nVidia, but those had the same problems (although I tested that configuration about three months ago, maybe I'll try that right now, too).

Is there anybody who has had similar problems and knows a solution to this (except for using the old drivers for the TNT2)?

<i>UPDATE:</i> It appears that the problems do not occur if I lower my desktop resolution ... Normally we run 1600x1200x32 @ 85 Hz, and at 1280x1024x32 @ 85 Hz the WinTV app works fine ... weird ... BTW, the MS drivers appear to be exactly the same as those available at nVidia's website. And now that I installed those, I've got those problems again ... Now I'm going to try new drivers for the TV-card ...

<i>UPDATE II:</i> Nope, it still doesn't work ... I guess I'll be returning to those old drivers again. But if any of you has a suggestion ... It's very welcome!!

Thanx in advance!

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Feb 17, 2001
sometimes your drivers old version works better than the newest one especially for "old" hardware.

& there is no issue apart to buy a newest hardw.

simply because "old" hardw is not yet supported by.

if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.