Jul 7, 2006
My pc freezes randomly whenever i empty recycle bin. Most of the time it freezes when i empty recycle bin while im running cpu heavy application like games but sometimes it hangs when i only have web browser open.

The harddisk light stays on when the pc freezes. I have to reboot the pc by presssing the reset button because mouse and keyboard wont work as well.

I checked the harddisk for bad sectors and tried reinstalling winxp and installing it on another harddisk. Ran microsoft ram diagnostic as well. No problem there.

Sometimes the pc freezes randomly as well but most of the time it happens when i empty the recycle bin.

System temp = 45 Cpu temp = 65 when cpu being used heavily

Can it be heat issue ? or motherboard problem ?

I thought it might be the heat but it puzzles me why most of the time it freezes when i empty recycle bin.

I dont have norton stuff installed that protects the recycle bin. Fresh install of winxp with antivirus and spyware removal applications installed and one game.


Jul 5, 2006
dude 65 c is quite a high cpu temp ...mine functions well btween 35 and 40

consider getting a couple of extra fans for cooling

also check if ur machine has enough memory to run xp(you could consider disabling a few services to free up memory)

u will get a list of essential services if u open services.msc from run command and opening the help file from the services window