Sep 7, 2005
My kids love playing MS Flight Simulator and Train Simulator. We have a standing rule that once they are done with the game, they are to make sure they close it out and turn off the monitor (2005FPW). However, I want to ensure the monitor is protected should they (or I) get distracted and forget to take care of things. I have noticed that WinXP will not start the screensaver or shut the monitor off if either of these programs is left running and onscreen (even if the screen has no movement on it). Anyone know of a way to ensure that the screensaver runs or the monitor shuts down regardless of what software is running at the time? Thanks.


Dec 31, 2007
The game will prevent saver or "off" on monitor no matter what you do. That's the way solfware is done. They do not disturb each other.

PS: and if the memory loss runs in your family, then when you start playing the game, chain your foot to the power cord from the monitor, so when you (or one of your offsprings) get up and go (forgetting about switching the thing off and get the chain off), that thing gets yanked out and monitor goes to "sleep", that's gonna be about all you can do to save some erengy on your bill.

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I don't think he's worried about saving energy... he's worried about burn-in or wear and tear.

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May 5, 2002
Right click the desktop > click on 'Properties'> click on Screensaver and chose the Blank screensaver. Monitor will blank out.

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