Wiping SSD to get fresh install of OS and such


Apr 24, 2010
So I'm wanting to wipe my SSD to clean out all the crap that slipped onto the drive. So it has TRIM turned on in WIN 7. So I have found multiple how to forums. Some say just do the normal format when you put in the OS cd and others say you Secure Erase or other random programs that you execute via usb boot device. This a reinstall btw. So what are your thoughts?
Both methods are correct and will wipe your drive.

Secure Erase restores a SSD to fresh-out-of-the-box condition.

A format will delete any existing partitions (and data) on the drive.

If you do a fresh Windows install you don't have to do either if you don't want to.
When Windows asks where you want to install to, just point to the previous Windows partition. Windows will delete the old partition (and its data) and install fresh.
Secure Erase won't do much if the SSD hasn't been used a lot already.

Make sure you have the latest FIRMWARE update.

*I'm not quite certain why you are reinstalling Windows. Unless you have an issue like a virus or you're installing a new version of Windows I don't see the point.

FYI, are you aware that Windows has a limited number of re-activations. Regardless of whether you reinstall Windows, make sure to create occasional backup Images using Acronis True Image. Free version available if a local or USB drive is WD or Seagate.

So in the future if you want to do a clean "install" you can simply RESTORE not reinstall. Always keep the backup you make after a fresh installation, Windows update and drivers, and ACTIVATION. Then, when you restore not only does it save time but you don't waste an Activation.

You should periodically delete your TEMP folder. Here's how:
1) reboot your computer
2) type %temp% into the Start Menu
3) Select All, then delete (skip anything it flags)
4) Empty the Recycle Bin

Mick- Jagger

Nov 2, 2014

Hi Derek,ive just done the above you mentioned,but my C drive is Now full(which is one of the reasons i did this)now i see all my old programs still here and an old copy of windows so to finish this clean installation surely i must have to delete the "old"copy of windows right?and then will it take all the programs with it(i have made copies of the programs)its just i need space on my C drive i have three other drives but my C is SSD(120gb)so small therefore i just now want windows on it and nothing else other than stuff that installs to C then i can move it where i want etc..please can you help me finish this cleanly regards