Wired camera over 1,000 away from router


Feb 2, 2012
I want to run a network connection from my house to the gates at end of my driveway which is about 1,200 feet from the house- I want to connect to 1 or 2 (IR) HD camera(s). I have an existing 1.5" conduit with a 110V wire for lights on a motion sensor, and a 16/3 gauge wire for gate electronics (pin pad).

What is my best option to mount 1 or 2 HD cameras at the gate? I have 110 power available there.

Will a Cat 5 or Cat 6 wire have "noise" issues in the conduit with the 110V 12/2 wire?

What's best for this outdoor application? IP camera or co-ax connect? or other type?

Is wireless an option? I do not have clear LOS so I would need to provide multiple devices for a LOS connection- OR need the best solution for NLOS with two bends in the driveway with trees blocking the LOS.

Actually, that is not true. You can purchase Ethernet Extenders that reach over a MILE on twisted pair or coax. They are not cheap, but they work.

I don't think so. However, for a special case I have pushed twisted pair Ethernet out to about 650 feet by locking one NIC to 10Mbps half duplex and using a good grade of Cat5e cable.