Question Wired connection behaving like WiFi

May 14, 2019
So a few months ago I had my router changed caused it was causing issues. I play a lot of CSGO, and ever since the router was changed my wired connection behaves like a WiFI connection, massive ping spikes whenever someone is streaming a video or anything. But the thing is, I can only see this problem whenever I'm playing CSGO only, other games like R6 Seige seems to be working fine, and I have no idea what to do now. I have reinstalled everything starting from CSGO to Windows but still nothing

I contacted my ISP and they did ping test and ran some tests over on their side and they said they couldn't do anything about it. Unless I was ready to cough up some money for a new router, they weren't going to change it. Any help is appreciated

Router Model: Netis DL4480V1 Firmware: 2.0.9b
Cable: Cat 5e
You need to do some better testing games tell lies all the time.

Leave a constant ping command running in a background cmd window to your router IP and to some common ip like If you see issues to your router IP then the pc or the router has a issue.

It is to a point going to depend on if you get packet loss or actual high ping.

What I suspect is the other traffic is putting load on your internet connection coming to your house. If there are errors on the connection as load increases you will see more errors. This generally is packet loss not delay. If yo see delays what this generally means is you are exceeding the bandwidth you purchase. The ISP can not fit the traffic onto the connection going to your house so instead of discarding it they put some of it in a buffer causing delays.

The first one the ISP can fix pretty easy since it errors are generally some problem with the wires. The second you need to see how much bandwidth you are actually using. There really is no simple fix for over use of the internet connection. Since this appears you have a dsl connection you likely are limited in how much bandwidth you can buy and it is much easier to over utilize them than say a cable connection that you can easily get 100mbps.