Question Wired connection issues, server disconnects and some slow web pages. (but still connected to internet)

Feb 14, 2021
Right, Don't know where to start but got to start somewhere.
Recently built a new gaming pc and since then I'm having network disconnection problems on games and certain websites are slow to load as in Gmail and Amazon. But I'm loading Youtube videos fine and other sites.
Spec's of my new pc are as follows.

i5 10600k -stock
16gb DDR4, 3200Mhz
GTX 1080ti - stock

Since building my pc, I did all the usual. Fresh windows install, all new drivers from MSI website and GPU drivers from Nvidia.
I installed the chipset, network and sound drivers from MSI Website.

As I said in title the main problem is game disconnects, the game only disconnects from the game servers. I don't actually lose internet connection.
I'll drop from the game and discord but get put back into discord within moments. But it only happens with certain games the one's if test so far with the problem are MW2 Warzone, and Battlefeild 4.
And the issues are frequent and fast, I can't even get into the game of Warzone before getting kicked from servers. But have played several hours of rust with no problems as well as CSGO.

I've done some troubleshooting but I'm not very pc literate so it might not help this is what I've done troubleshooting wise.

-I've reinstalled network adapters three times, twice with the Realtek 10.46.1231.2020 drivers.
And once with windows suggest drivers which are 10.42.526.2020.

-I also reinstalled graphic drivers, scanned and repaired both games.

-Changed ethernet cables, tested for packet loss by doing ping test to my router and to google.
Getting 0 packets lost on either 1ms response to my router and 33ms to google.

-I also tried changing my preferred DNS, as well as doing a DNS flush.

-Reset router, bought new ADSL filter box, New cat5e cables.

-Tried seeing if disabling firewall & antivirus would help.

-Tried setting new inbound rules for the mentioned games.

There might be more I'm forgetting but I think that might be everything I tried, I'm kind of lost at the moment.
Any help is appreciated.

( also have trouble loading this site at times as well at the moment )
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