Question Wired connection suddenly stopped working

Aug 27, 2020
So I’ll begin my describing my setup. I have an Ethernet cable running from my router setup in the living room through the walls and attic into my room, running about 80-100 ft. of cable. The cable ends in in a jack that I run an additional Ethernet cable into a 5-way port switch.

This setup has been running soundly for about 4 years with no issue up until this morning when I woke up and saw there was no signal. I’ve moved the questionable cable to other ports with no luck, and other Ethernet cables also running off this same router work fine in each port. On my end, the other ethernets all work interchangeably and for each port of the switch as far as connection signal goes. However I can’t get a reading from the questionable Ethernet even if I put the single line directly into a piece of hardware and bypass the port altogether.

I’ve been told it’s incredibly rare for cables to be faulty, but at this rate I can only assume it’s either the jack, or one of the two connectors. Any thoughts?