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Question Wired connection to wireless satellite?


Jan 29, 2016
Just curious .. I have a Netgear Orbi system in my house, and the satellite hotspot thingies all have an ethernet port on them. I'm 2 floors away from the base station connected to our cable modem, but the wifi works great. I'm just wondering, if I were to connect my PC to the satellite with an ethernet cable instead of wifi, would I get a better or faster connection at all? I mean, it's still going to be wifi technically, going between the satellite and the base, so would using a cable just be overkill? If so, why do they even include ethernet ports in them?


My thoughts:

Not all network devices have wireless capabilities is one reason I can think of.

Overall, any given network path between two devices is only going to be as fast as the slowest link in the full path.

Wireless is inherently slower than wired. However, cheap ethernet cabling and/or poor terminations can be slower than wireless. And a good wireless connection can be subject to interference from neighboring networks and devices.

May be worth some careful "change only one thing at a time" experimentation. And run any "tests" for several days just to even out any peaks and valleys in performance.