Question Wired Connection with High Latency

May 7, 2020

I just recently moved in with a family member. I am prefacing this by saying that this family member has a strange internet set-up, but I am not knowledgeable enough to describe it. I set up my gaming computer, and I have connected a CAT6 Ethernet cable from the router to my computer. When I run a speed test, I get roughly 100 down and 1 up.

Despite my high speeds, I am having horrendous latency issues in video games. In one game, my ping displays 50ms. However, I experience horrible rubberbanding and a large delay between input and action. In another online game, my ping displays 100 ms, with it sometimes going to 300+.

I am not too knowledgeable about networks, so I greatly appreciate any help! On another forum, some people recommended to run these tests, so here are my results:

If you need any more information, I will try to my best to provide you with it. Thank you again!
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It appears you have intermittent issues. Tracert does not run long enough. You can try tools like pingplotter or pathping but these tend to be hard to interpret. These tools you have to be very careful of jumping to the conclusion that just because something is red it has to be the cause. Many things can cause false data.

In this case it appears the problem is not inside your house since that would show in hop 1.

If I assume you tracert data is valid and is not just a random data you might have a issue in hop2. This tends to be the most common place for issues. It represents the connection between your house and the ISP

In more than 1 of your traces it shows spikes in hop 2 but again it could be false data.

Generally increase ping in hop2 is because you are over utilizing your connection either upload or download. You need to verify your load and really be sure there is no file backup or downloads running you do now know about.

If you are sure there is nothing wrong with your traffic you have a large issue like the ISP has over sold the connection and your neighbors are overloading it.

Still step 1 is to get more data. You can run a bunch more tracert or learn to use tools like pathping and pingplotter.