Question Wired Display-Signal problem with 1080Ti

May 13, 2019
So I have an uncommon problem with my Funders-Edition 1080Ti (Gainward). I've already searched for this problem online, but I didn't find anything useful. I'll try to describe it as accurately as possible.

So I've bought a GTX 1080Ti, that was listed as not working. The seller said he doesn't really know the history of the card and for what it was used. He described, that the fan spins, the GeForce-Logo lights up, but it doesn't output signal. When the card arrived, I saw, that it was in somewhat bad physical shape. So I took off the cooler to clean it and to replace the thermal paste. Upon undoing all screws (some were missing) I discovered, that someone had stacked multiple thermal pads on the VRMs (Or MOSFETs - I'm not sure) and put a Thermal pad ON THE GPU DIE! But I still had hope, that it would (just maybe) work. So I reassembled everything properly and put it in my system. It's an X79 platform, so it doesn't have an integrated GPU in the Processor.

The GeForce Logo did light up and the Fan spun, but I didn't have anything on the screen. Not even a POST screen or logo. The Motherboard took longer to POST than usually and the VGA-LED lit up. I am certain, that it did boot into Windows, because my Keyboard lit up in RGB. The HDMI-Port did behave differently than the DisplayPorts. With HDMI my Monitor stayed on with a blank/black Screen. On DisplayPort, it would say no signal.

So then I turned the PC off and installed the 1080Ti in a different PCIe-Slot and put some Low-End passive Graphics-Card in the top/main Slot. the PC booted and I could see the 1080Ti in Device Manager!
Then I tried this: I'm not sure, if this proofs anything or if this is relevant, but I've installed UltraVNC (As a service) to be able to remote into the Computer via my Laptop. I wanted to see, if the 1080Ti actually rendered something. So after taking out the Low-End Card, I put the 1080Ti back in the 1st PCIe slot and booted the Computer up. I was able to connect to it via my Laptop and saw my Windows Desktop (In 800x600 or something like that). No matter if my Display was plugged in or not, nothing changed (In the Remote View)

I hope, that someone can help me with this. It would be great to have a working 1080Ti. I hope, that I've described and mentioned everything important and I'm sorry if it's too long or if there are any major errors (English is not my first language)