Question Wired Ethernet Issue

Apr 4, 2021

I have two network sockets in the wall that connect to two other network sockets in another part of the house, cat5 runs under the floor

These sockets are connected to a small Netgear switch

When I connect the left socket it works fine, the right socket when I connect to my laptop shows as connected in my network settings, but it take a good few seconds to show connected, when i run Speed test the speed is very slow, less than 2-3 mbps

There doesn't appear to be any internet connectivity when using this socket

I've tried different ethernet cables and the same issue

Any ideas what the issue is ?
Take the wall plates off and verify that the wires are correctly attached.

Wall plates are just ethernet patch cables that run though your wall they are not anything all the special. You could trim off a very small amount of the wire and reterminate them on both ends. You should use a punch down tool but a small screw driver will work if you are very careful.

Generally the wire itself that goes in the walls tend to not be the problem unless you damage it with say a nail or a rat gets it.