Question Wired gaming headset - SteelSeries Arctis 5 upgrade


Dec 26, 2014
I am looking for an replacement/upgrade to current SteelSeries Arctis 5(2017) headset which I was happy with. For my current headset I like the ergonomics: breathable earpads, headband distributing weight, sizing and on-ear mic mute. I also liked the chat mix though I am not using it often (more like keep constant, separate volume for chat and regulate just the game).

The headset has to be a wired one and the upgrade I am looking for is mostly build quality/feel and also the audio quality. A plus would be replacable earpads+cabling with a standard connection type rather than some proprietary one. I am not a fan of flip-to-mute mics, I also give zero weight to 7.1 or such technologies, moreover I would like to avoid cheap flickering displays on accessories (looking at you, GameDAC) or similar distracting effects. It doesnt have to be strictly headset, a headphones+mic combo would do but has to be similarly convenient - mic mutable and not blocking view or pick background sounds. Budget: high-end but 'reasonable', e.g. not a $1000 unit.

A natural upgrade would be Arctis Pro/Nova, but there seems to be a faulty batch of Pro here (many user reviews mention earcups joint breaking with denied RMA) and Nova has by default GameDAC for which I didnt like the display which I feel is a step back from the analog solution of Arctis 5 (plus earpads which according to reviews get hot very soon).
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Try this

For anything higher end you pretty much have to go with a headphone and separate MIC, either USB like a Blu or a mod mic to sit between the headset and the PC. There are dozens and dozens of valid picks once you just get a headphone, just start reading reviews of the good sets and pick one. You won't know what you like best without listening to a lot of them though, if you can only get one, anything that is well reviewed is good as any to get.
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