Wired Internet works on laptop but not on desktop


Jan 25, 2013
Wired Internet works on laptop but not on desktop


1) Cable modem --> Switch --> Wireless Router
--> ATA Adapter for the VOIP Phone
--> Desktop
Worked until i had a minor power outage. After which everything stopped ie No internet. So i tried scenario 2.

2) Cable modem --> Wireless Router --> Switch --> ATA Adapter for the VOIP Phone
--> Desktop

Got internet working (wired and wireless) for few days and then it stopped suddenly again. I tried both the above scenariosn again, but didnt help.

3) Now I connected my laptop (which i connected via wireless only before) with wire from cable modem straight to Laptop. Interent works
4) When I connect the same wire used successfully on laptop to my desktop, internet doesnt work.

Both Laptop and desktop have windows 7

Any help will be appreciated.


Jan 15, 2013

For starters. Don't go back to scenario 1. That is begging for getting your PC hacked. You need to be behind the firewall on your router to at least give you some protection... Having said that...

If you connect the laptop to the ethernet cable and it works, but the desktop doesn't. I assume the desktop was connected during the power outage / recovery. It is possible, particularly if your not protected by a UPS, or less so a surge supressor that the spike in voltage, that typically precedes an outage, that the ethernet adapter itself is either damaged, or even less likely somehow disabled in the BIOS for example with onboard LAN...

When you connect the ethernet cable do you get any sort of link light? If not that is a sure sign you have a bad NIC...


Oct 12, 2014
The fact that you mentioned power outtage. I would check the NIC card. Basically when you plug the internet cable into your desktop you should see some lights right where you plugged it in, if you have a physical link up on the connection you should see some steady or blinking green lights. If you do not see any lights, the NIC card make have sustained some damage during the power outrage and died on you a little bit down the line.

However if you actually do get a link up, this could be that somehow your computer got change from DHCP to using some old static IP address. To do this you need to go into the settings for your NIC card, this can vary depending on the operating system you have. However in all scenarios, it will involve going to control panel and the next option being "network" something. For more specifics can you please provide the operating system you are running.


Oct 26, 2014
This same problem just began happening to my system today. I do not have the VoIP phone though. I am running a basically stock HPE 110f that I upgraded the gpu, power supply and hdd in. I am running Win& Home Premium 64 bit. Today my internet was working fine and then all of the sudden it stopped. After 2 hours of phone consult with ISP they still cannot detect my desktop or router when plugged into my cable modem, but when my laptop is plugged into the cable modem I get internet just fine. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I do also get the blinking lights on back of PC when the ethernet cable from modem is plugged into it, but I am unable to access the internet. For some reason when I ping anything it always gives responses from instead of actually pinging the actual ip address of the site I am trying to ping. If there is any further information that I can provide to give a better idea of how to fix this let me know and I will get it to you.


Jan 10, 2014
All of above sounds like faulty NIC or bad drivers.
Can always try to de-activate antivirus programs and try to renew the IP, antivirus programs can create problems with connections from time to time.
Reinstall network drivers and/or try a driffent NIC.

Since the fault lies in the computer and not the network itself.