Question Wired Lan adapter gone MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi.

May 16, 2021

I got pc build for while with MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi motherbord. its build by prof pc builder and everything is fine. this person is friend of mine and we have lan party this weekend and my friend gifted me a new extra m2 hard disk ssd.

So everything was good till we installed this new m2 disk. I placed back my pc where it used to be and as always I send WoL request for my pc to boot. always waited a bit but I noticed my PC did not come online I remotely play on my pc to not have hassle move it around everywhere so I do alot of remote work including wol. So okey maybe Wol did not happend so I went to my PC but I saw my pc went online but windows said there was no connection and after checking everything we noticed the Wired Land adapter was missing. it does not show up in adapters, not showing up in device manager and in cmd ipconfig/all also not showing up, updating drivers it failed and get message might be in deep sleep mode. so we went trough bios everything is fine. set bios back to default and did Cmos reset. bios is up to date but still adapter is missing as if there is non at all. we did multiple shutdown and WoL bootup trough my phone with in network or trough celluar connection and always the pc went on so something is comming trough the port.

so for now we hooked it up trough the Wifi to continue our lan party and there is still warrenty on the product so my friend will take it back to his shop later. but we both are baffled that Lan port lights are off, but router/switch light is blinking with connected cable so there is something and pc does reacts to WoL going trough the lan but adapter is just gone. Fresh reinstall of windows did not help to as we tried that thinking might be driver issue out of the blue.

anyone got an idea what happend, what we can do or did port just half died on me?

Kind Regards



In Task Manager > View: Is Show hidden devices checked?

Are you certain that only one network adapter (either wired or wireless) is enabled and not both or multiple network adapters?

Check the motherboard's User Manual for SATA port assignments. Depending on configuration, some SATA ports are pre-empted by the system.

Does the following link provide the User Manual applicable to your motherboard?

Do verify that I found the applicable User Manual.

Physically numbered Pages 31 and 32 cover SATA connectivity.

Page 31 presents the M.2 slots and PCIe slots combination table.

Because you just reinstalled a M.2 my thought is that the resulting combination is not supported.