Wired vs Wireless


Nov 26, 2012
I looking for some more info on a new mouse/keyboard. I want wireless but is it worth it for gaming? Im hearing left and right opinions and would like to start this, and find out what more people think. I want to buy either the Razer Deathadder mouse, it's wired and has amazing reviews, but I don't want cables on my desk really. Also for wireless, the new Cyborg R.A.T. 9 is awesome, plus wireless. does wireless with an ms1 do well with gaming?

For keyboard Im looking between the Roccat ISKU, and the Logitech k800 (wireless) both have outstanding reviews and I'm interested in them. I just built my new gaming pc and would love to have my ui, as cool as my setup. thanks guys for always being the best!


i'm a nontypical gamer.

i've used laser, led and ball mice to game.
i've used wireless and wired mice and keyboards.
heck, i've even used a ps3 controller on a pc.

if you get a quality wireless device, you should be fine. personally i only trust logitech for wireless. i would prefer RF wireless but my bluetooth mouse seems to work okay as well.

a wireless mouse shuts off after a few seconds so you may need to twitch the mouse a little once in awhile if you are remaining motionless to keep it from shutting off and giving you a slight fraction of a second delay. its not as big of a deal as it sounds. i did it for years.

i used the old mx1000 set for competetive gaming and was always in the top 10 at lan parties and on the internet for FPS gaming. it was wireless and laser.

most times the people making comments have no firsthand experience and only go on what they think or what they read on the internet. they spout it as fact. this is why companies can sell $50 mousepads and people actually buy them...

hope this helps. if you need more info just give a holler.
As far as mice go, the Microsoft Sidewinder x8 is probably the absolute best for the charger and battery life. However, while it tracks well, it does not track as well as the Logitech G700. Sadly the G700's battery life is much shorter, and the charging system has a rather hefty wire when playing with it.

After going to a 120hz monitor, I needed the higher polling rate and better tracking to truly enjoy the extra smoothness gained by the 120hz refresh rate, so I'm using the G700.