Question Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

Oct 22, 2019

I have recently built my first gaming PC/workstation and I am currently using wired KBM designed for gaming. However, gaming only accounts for maybe 25% of my time at the PC and would ideally like to go wireless with my components. I have purchased a mechanical keyboard which can connect both by bluetooth and a wire so that I can connect wires for gaming and use bluetooth day to day ( ).

Is there a mouse you guys could recommend that would allow something similar? Wireless for browsing, photo editing, light gaming etc but can then be connected for some FPS? Ideally this connection would be USB-C for future proofing and to match my keyboard. If possible, mutli device support would be great to quickly switch between work laptop and aforementioned PC.

Ideally I would like to spend less than $50 but $100 would be my absolute max on this as I still have other upgrades needed for my setup.

Any and all advice is welcome.
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I have not discovered or noted any performance differences between wired and wireless with regards to mice and keyboards.

However, I do understand that gamers can or may benefit from a wired mechanical keyboard.

I simply just use a wireless keyboard and mouse set with one USB transceiver.

Easily switched between PC and laptop.

Occasionally I have to use a USB extension cable to raise the transceiver up and away from the back of the computer. However, that has not proven necessary for quite some time.

Biggest problem tends to be that the keyboard or mouse batteries just die without warning. I have learned to keep spare batteries handy. (But I do have a basic generic USB keyboard and mouse on hand for emergenicies and/or testing.)

If you google "wireless mouse keyboard combos" you will find quite a number of options. Go to stores to see the products, go "hands on", read reviews, and check the manufacturer's User Guides/Manuals.

Very likely that you will find a wireless combo within budget and therefore not even need to bother with switching back and forth between wired and wireless.

Do update your post to include the make and model of the wired/wireless keyboard that you purchased.

I am also going to move your post to PC Gaming as that category may garner additional comments and suggestions via the gaming community.