Feb 19, 2012
Just trying to decide if I should just buy a wireless thing for my pc or run some cat5e. The pc will be ~50ft from my router. I already have a wireless n router that I use for my laptops and things. Price is about the same for wired/wireless. Was testing my network using a laptop and 2ft cat5e and speeds/ping for both were nearly identical. Going to use this pc for gaming(casual) and some file sharing. Should I just stick with wireless or should I take the time to run some wires?


Sep 29, 2012
Normally people make the decision for reasons other than technical ones. Most either can't run cable...or the wife won't allow it.

Cable give you a dedicated connection that can transfer up to 1gbit/sec both up and down simultaneously. It is very well protected from interference.

Wireless is a shared connection that at very best case get 300mbit/sec. Only a single device can use the airwave at a time. This includes the router itself. So you can only have 300m total up and down and you never get close to this because the devices transmit over the top of each other which slows it down even more. This does not even include any slow down because of interference from other stuff

From a technical standpoint wired always wins. Which you choose to use will be mostly dependent on other factors