Question Wireless adapter automatically disconnecting on Asus VivoBook Pro N705FD laptop

Jul 24, 2019

My (very recently purchased) laptop periodically disconnects from the internet over Wi-Fi. I believe that it's caused by my wireless adapter being disabled, because I can't find any networks at all when I'm disconnected. Multiple wireless networks produce the same result, so I don't believe that it's my router or anything other than the laptop. If I try to reconnect to the internet immediately after getting disconnected, I get "Can't connect to this network", but I can reconnect after waiting for a bit.
I've already changed the power management settings for the wireless adapter in device manager as well as the network and sharing center in control panel and unchecked "Allow Windows to turn this device off to save power". I've also changed the wireless adapter settings to maximum performance for both plugged in and on battery in the power plan. Updating the drivers also didn't solve the issue. Any help would be appreciated.