Wireless adapter for gaming


Jun 30, 2017
I want to move my BT home hub back downstairs to the master socket due to some connection issues (phone rings and the wifi disconnects) but I don't know what adapter to get as I have no idea about wireless networking. I plan on making a very powerful gaming pc so does anyone have any recommendations what what to get? Or should I stay with a wired connection? Thanks
You want to stay with a ethernet connection for gaming if it is a option. Wifi is designed to recover data damaged in transit...unlike ethernet. This is done by retransmitting the data but it takes time to do this. Games use the timing between packets to synchronize you machine to the server and to other players games in multiplayer games.

This means fundamentally games will not work well on wifi.

If you get very strong wifi signals the data tends to not get corrupted and so it does not need to be retransmitted. There really is no way to predict this for any particular house. Worse it can change based on neighbors around you using wifi and interfering with your transmissions...causing retransmissions and random delays for the game.

If you really need to move the router you might consider the newer powerline units based on the av2 standard. They tend to work in most houses and do not have the same problem as wifi.

Sound like you have a DSL connection. They make filters to prevent phone and data from interfering with each other. I have not had a actual telephone line in many years so I forget how this stuff works. When they jacked the price up again on land lines I just canceled it and use only my cell phone.