Question Wireless adaptor cutting out

Mar 2, 2019
Hey, so im not really sure what to add but ill try my best anyways to explain.
So when connecting to my wifi on my computer i have to use an wifi adaptor, it connects no problem but i feel like the wifi is slow when browsing or even playing games.
The issue however resolves itself whenever i disconnect from wifi and connect again however that would only work for a minute or so. When putting my laptop at the exact same spot as my computer there isnt any problems.
For instance when i do a speed test, the download Mbps is 36.54 and Upload is 11.29 Mbps. When i reconnect the wifi the download Mbps is 37.52 and Upload is 18.76 Mbps
I have 2 wifi adaptors ive tested on so its not them
Any suggestions will help and if addition information is required ill provide it, thanks in advance
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It'd be a good idea if yo listed both system's specs as well as their OSes(in Windows 10, include versions) and then the make and model of your WiFi. Right about now, there may be a lot of issues with your system or none at all. Please include the make and model of your wireless router as well as it's firmware version.