Wireless broadband help

Jun 24, 2018
Currently on adsl right now with Optus but am getting 450kbps max because of how far we are from the exchange, was looking into wireless broadband cause on estimate we’d get minimum 4mbps which is more than 8x better than what we have, but reviews say it’s bad for gaming as the ping will be really high? I can get 40 ping when nobody is home and that’s with 450kbps so how come ping would get higher on wireless broadband even though it’s faster as I’m not very good with network stuff but I’ve played with like 25 ping on hotspot? Please help cause I want something better lmao
Wired internet latency is susceptible to cable quality, connections, joints, temperature and so on. Wireless is susceptible to all this (it has to wired at either end of a connection), plus external interference, such as other wifi signals, electronics, and so on.

It's impossible to work out how better or worse wifi will be for you without just trying it. See if you can get a trial or something. Read reviews. Lurk in national ISP forums, and get a sense for the likely issues.