Wireless Connection Keeps Disconnecting...?


Nov 19, 2011
Hey Everyone,

For the past month i have been experiencing problems with my Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop wireless connection running on Windows XP. My wireless connection logs in fine but a few minutes later disconnects for no reason. This process repeats itself continuasly for no reason. When i click on view available wireless networks, I can clearly see my personal internet showing all full bars. I replaced my Lynksis WRT54G v.6 router with a new DLink DIR-655 N Router thinking perhaps it would fix the issue but it didnt. I placed the new router in a higher location than the old one, approximately 5 feet off the floor. The drivers to the mini wireless card Intel WifiLink 5100 AGN are up to date.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The WRT54G router is a bit crappy in this respect, it likes to do exactly what you see, drop wifi all over the place, but since you also tried with a new router, tis may not be it.

Try changing the channel, you may want to try an external wifi card (try a USB one instead of a PC Card one, that way you can use it with a PC if it does not fix the issue for you).