Wireless connection problem on one laptop only.


Jun 3, 2010
Hi, first of all, I'm not 100% where to put this so hope it's ok here.

I set up a new internet connection yesterday and had to get a router to set up the wireless myself.
I'm connected with Cox Preferred and bought the Netgear Wireless N-300 Router. I'm using a HP G6000 laptop.

I set up the wireless as advised. There is a signal being sent out and my boyfriend can connect to the network on his computer so I know it's set up right. On my laptop I can only connect with the cable plugged in. When I try to get a wireless signal it keeps telling my that it's a 'local only' connection. I have being using wireless on this laptop for about 3 years. I can even connect to a neighbours wireless account right now.

I think I've done everything I can from switching everything off and on, trying to manually and automatically get IP addresses, repair the signal etc.
I only know a certain amount about this and I can't find my problem through a search. I know the wireless adapter is working as I can connect to another network. I know the modem is working as I'm connected right now, and I know the wireless is working as my boyfriend can connect. I'm ready to through my laptop out the window!

Right now in the activity section, I have 911 bytes sent but none received. When I ping the address I get all four packets sent and received. I can post the results if someone needs them.

Thanks, hope someone can help me.


Just to narrow it down, try turning off wireless security temporarily.

If it works then it must be worth trying a different password or making sure the wireless security type selected works with all your hardware.

Another alternative is reception/interference. Might try experimenting with other channels.