Question Wireless controller for PC

Sep 6, 2021
I'm getting a TV in my room and I intend to hook my pc up to it to play games with my friends (emulated console games, party games, etc), I'm looking for a wireless controller that I could use for this. Is it better to buy a wireless controller compatible with PC, if so, which one? Or would it be a good idea to buy a wired one and an adapter. Ideally I'm looking for something cheaper than an xbox controller but I'm open to spending more if it's the best option. Thanks in advance.
i started with a wired Logitech gamepad ~15 years ago.
it worked okay but a lot of games did not recognize it as a valid gamepad so i had to go through a lot of trouble assigning keyboard keys to buttons & thumbsticks for different games.

next, i went with a Windows XBOX 360 pad that came with a Windows wireless adapter.
it worked flawlessly with every game i tried until the receiver died.

for the last ~5 years i've been using an XBOX One gamepad that has also been 100% compatible with every game i've tried it on. Bluetooth wireless and microUSB cable are both detected without issue. my Powerex rechargeable batteries work great in it and are easily charged via the USB cable.

i also see many using PS4 gamepads in Windows though i do see many more of them complaining that they need special software like x360ce to properly program the buttons.

while any gamepad "for Windows 10" should work fine you may have to go through some extra hoops and run extra background software to use them properly.
a better option may be to just go with Microsoft.