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Question Wireless Devices Keep Disconnecting From PC

Nov 16, 2019

So, recently I moved my router into my bedroom from the living room so I could game on my PC through a wired connection. It seems that ever since then, my wireless mouse (Logitech G702) wireless headset (HyperX Cloud Flight) and Xbox One Controller (using the wireless adapter for PC) all disconnect pretty consistently. I figured it had to do with the router itself (Netgear Nighthawk Model R7000) because once I moved it across the room from my PC the disconnects seem to be less frequent. My headset will get static interference randomly. I even tried a new headset (Steel Series Arctis 7's) and they too got some static interference randomly so I do not believe it is the headset. I had to stop using a wireless mouse because of the random disconnects. I think it may be the router because that is the only real change made to my setup. Any help in trouble shooting this would be greatly appreciated. Having a wireless setup is so convenient (also expensive) and I can't use any of it now as it just gets disconnected. So I have wasted money just sitting in the closet. :(

Thank you!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Does the following link present your router?


Does re-orienting the router's antennas make any difference?

Temporarily disable the router's 2.4 GHz wireless - does that change anything?

Have you tried another ethernet cable between PC and router? (And how is the router connected to the modem? When you moved the router from living room to bedroom, that connection path must have changed. Where does that cable run?)

Another thing you can do is to simply try one wireless peripheral at a time. Determine first if only that one suffers disconnects. If not, try two at a time: could be some perfect storm of combined peripherals. Listen for the static and when it occurs and when it does not occur.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance with respect to the wireless peripherals being used at any given time.

The disconnects could be hardware, software, or configuration related.

On your PC, open Reliability History and look for error codes and warnings that correspond with the wireless device disconnections.