Wireless for Squeezebox, Wired for Browsing


Oct 8, 2012
This may seem very simple to some, I am hoping so anyway as I really can't get my head around it.

I have my computer connected to the router by ethernet, so I get maximum speeds whilst browsing and/or downloading. I bought a wireless card however, as I would like to connect my Squeezebox to the server on my computer wirelessly.

My problem is, would there be a way to 'tell' the computer to use the ethernet connection for browsing, but keep the wireless online so the squeezebox can connect to it, or is this impossible?

Thanks in advance for any answers or questions you may need to ask, I have had trouble with this for a while now and cannot for the life of me figure out a solution.


Sep 29, 2012
First make sure you computer does not have a feature that disabled the wireless when you use the ethernet.

Pretty much all you need to do is assign a IP address to the wireless manually that is in a different subnet than the one you use for your internet. The KEY to making it work is to leave the gateway field blank.