Question Wireless headphones for gaming/music and then some


Sep 26, 2013
Hey guys,

I've been looking into some wireless headphones to replace my aging Astro A50. Nice headset, but flimsy construction, and has become really uncomfortable to wear. I bought the Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless, and while it was incredibly comfortable, the sound quality was not what I'm used to. I've taken a look at wireless Sennheiser and Audio-Technica headphones, but I read that bluetooth headphones have latency issues with games and films, which does not make me happy to hear.

So I'm at a loss right now, and have been looking at the Steelseries Arctis Pro as well, but I've read that it's the same sound quality as the Arctis 7. I've been looking at the Sennheiser PXC 550 and the Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT for the most part, but also Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS, which has the highest price I'd be willing to go for. But with the above issue about latency, I'm not sure if it'd be worth it.

Anyone who has any experience or recommendations? It has to be wireless, and I don't care about a mic.

I can't speak about latency in games since I'm not a gamer. However I've had a good experience with AKG N60nc bluetooth headphones. The noise cancellation isn't strong from my experience with my pair but they sound good and have a long battery life (the stated 30 hours seems plausible). I haven't seen noticeable lag in movies playing on a Samsung TV from either cable or an Intel NUC used as a HTPC.


I have a Razer Man O' War wireless 7.1 surround headset and it works great for me.

The only draw back to this headset is that the way it's designed doesn't allow it sit comfortably on your head if you are someone who likes to partially remove one ear in order to hear things around you, but if you are dedicated to having both ears properly covered then it's absolutely great.

And my model is designed to work with the PS4 so that's a plus for me as well.

Alternatively, since I'm in no rush to get up from my chair at my PC when using it, and have no need to just walk away while wearing headphones, I also have a pair of Bluedio T4S's that I can connect via bluetooth if I want to, but instead I just use the cable they come with to make them wired and plug them directly into my PC case front panel audio, but also I have my PC on my desk next to me so no big deal when it comes to cable length for me.

But yeah, rant aside, I have the Razer headset I mentioned and it works pretty darn well for me at giving great immersive audio and noise cancellation and works great for music, movies/tv, and gaming.

However, I only mention this headset because I am assuming you are looking for wireless option for PC for music, movies/tv, and gaming.

If you're just looking for bluetooth headphone recommendations, then I can recommend some things.

Nothing in the supposedly extreme high quality category such as the one's you've mentioned, but I can recommend competent and high quality sounding to me headphones with great range and battery life with minimal latency over bluetooth that don't cost an arm and leg. Such as my current bluetooth headphones the Bluedio T4S.