Question Wireless headset advice

Jul 18, 2019
Hi all,

Been having a bit of an issue with getting a new Wireless headset for Gaming mostly.
please don't ask why wireless, I love it, hate cables, and I'm not into competitive gaming so I really don't need more wires.

Now, to my issue:
I ordered 2 wireless headsets and was disappointed, the first was Arctis steel 7, the sound was amazing but that band around the head, unlike normal headsets, was just not comfortable enough, maybe I could get used to it, but it bugged me a lot, so I sold it.
The second headsets I ordered are the Corsair void pro wireless, they're just HUGE, I never thought I had a small head, but they just slide right off... I looked around the forums and it does seem to be a real issue with these headsets, about to sell or RMA them as well.

So, does any1 have any recommendations on good affordable (up to 100$) decent wireless headset for Gaming? "7.1" if possible...

Thanks in advance!


Do you need a mic? If not, get any good headphone with a removable cable and stick a bluetooth transmitter on it. I have a few of the TaoTronics adapters and like them or the Fiio FiiO μBTR. For a bit higher end sound and ability to use it as a decent DAC on a computer the FiiO BTR1K is an amazing value.

For a headset, try the Cooler Master MH751.

Don't bother with looking for a 7.1 set, that is not in the headset anyway but in the electronics they attach to, just look for a good headphone. The Cooler Master has the MH752 which has one of those USB DACs with "7.1" sound but once you stick a bluetooth adapter on them it all gets bypassed anyway.