Question Wireless Internet speed slow only on my Laptop.


Apr 9, 2019
So I have been having this problem for the past 2 days or so. My wireless internet speed got from 60mb/s that I had usually, to just around 25 max with constant drops. This happens only on this device and only while connected wirelessly.
I tried updating the internal wifi card drivers, uninstalling and installing them again, all of the basic stuff that you can think of I've probably tried it.
I'm about to open the Laptop and see if the wifi card is not connected properly or something. I'll report if there have been any changes.

Edit: The wifi card is ok, at least at first glance. Still can't determine if its something to do with wifi drivers, some program interfering with it, or the wifi card being f**** up.
There are no background tasks, that I can see, using my network connection to that extend.
In the info of the network, it says that I'm getting 30-54Mbps, sometimes goes down to around 20 like in speedtest .net but usually, it stays up... so I really don't understand what's the problem.
It is not any spyware, it isn't a router problem cause I have the same problem with a different one, and it isn't a program running on the background(at least not a process that I can see)
Please help me, should I just change the network adapter? Or do you think it can be something else?
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