Wireless issue


Dec 8, 2011
Hey folks,

Im alittle stumped at the moment. I have a Netgear WNR2000v2 (wireless N) router, and rather suddenly my laptops cant connect to my network. I have a Kindle fire and cell phone that still can connect to the network, but 2 laptops cant. It happened suddenly, without changing any settings. Since then, Iv reset (soft, hard and factory) the router and still no change. Iv changed no settings on the laptops either. Any ideas?

In either laptop, can you please bring up a Command form and at the prompt, type ipconfig /all then press Enter. Right click anywhere in that form and go to Select all then press Enter. That clipboards all the information - paste it back here so we can see what's going on. It's helpful if the machine can be cabled to your router as well as wirelessly connected so we get the full picture of both adapters.