Question Wireless keyboard & mouse have both stopped working simultaneously ?

Oct 15, 2022
Hello everyone, I'm really hoping someone can help me.

I have a very nice prebuilt Corsair Vegeance PC. My peripherals are all wifi. I have a Hyeku G706W wireless mechanical keyboard and also a Logitech G502 Mouse that have both been wonderful components.

Well today, seemingly literally out of nowhere, i screen lock the PC and i walk to my corner store to buy a couple items and then walk home. Immediately it's clear something is wrong.

I cannot get my keyboard or my mouse to function, despite being very adamant about charging them. The FN key on my keyboard is constantly lighting up (apparently indication of low battery, so I'm charging overnight, and my mouse ALSO will not function at all.

I can't even get to enter to pin to get to my desktop. All of this seems EXTREMELY unusual. And i have exhausted my own capabilities searching google and with the help of a very computer savvy friend. Can you guys please attempt to help me?

For now, just letting them totally charge over night. Perhaps that will bode us all well.

Should that fail, can you guys please help me troubleshoot the issue? I really, really don't think something is actually wrong with the hardware and I'm actually just being a clueless dumbass (for brevity) haha.

Any assistance, will be greatly appreciated.

(And for the record i have even removed ALL components, unplugged the PSU even for several minutes, and then tried to replug them all one at a time, all to no avail.)

And btw.... I am totally open to the nuclear option. If you guys think it would be helpful to guide me to do a full Win 11 reset (if we can get my keyboard to comply).... I am totally open to that. I have fast internet, i can be back on my feet quickly.

Thank you all, i am so very grateful for you all.
-Jason Harris