Question Wireless Mice alternative

Pedro Monteiro

Dec 31, 2014
Hello guys.

I bought some time ago a logitech g403 wired mouse, that got destroyed in 2 months by my puppy so I decided to buy a new wireless version.

But I got a really big problem on the wireless version, for some reason, the sides started to deteriorate after what like 6months ? (Image1 Image2) And it's really uncomfortable to hold it...

Well and I bought another G403 but this time HERO version and right now I think the same is happening, but maybe the material is maybe more resistant this time (Image3 Image4) (I know it's not clean)

Is there a way to prevent this ? Or do I need to straight up buy a new mouse ?

I'm afraid the same is gonna start happening in some months so I would like an opinion on what mouse I can get similiar to this logitech ? Preferably if it can be wireless with usb c would be the best, but I do not mind having one wired as well.

I don't really wanna buy the same mouse cuz it will most likely happen again...


Ive used the same razer deathadder chroma mouse at work for the past 6 years and the only thing that shows any wear is the teflon pads on the bottom. It manger so it gets 8-9 hours a day workout.

At home i switched over to the logitech G powerplay wireless charging system mouse pad and G903 mouse. Ive only had it since June 2019 but that as well does not show any ware on it. Prior to that it was another razor deathadder that i wore the micro switch out on it.

It very well could just be the way you're gripping the mouse that is putting all the wear on the sides.