Question Wireless mouse recommendation

Jan 17, 2020

Hoping someone can help.. I'm after a new wireless mouse. I currently use Microsoft Basic Opitcal Mouse v2.0 and it's perfect, except for not being wireless.

I initially bought the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 but it was an absolute piece of trash, flimsy as hell and didn't work on my mouse mat properly.

I've just purchased the Logitech M510 however I have the same problem with this mouse that I did one of my old gaming mouse from years ago. The middle button is too heavy to press, I presume because it has a side-to-side click.

I use middle mouse click loads - holding and scrolling, opening new tabs, closing tabs. I just can't have a mouse where the middle button is harder to press and hold down than the other buttons.

I'd prefer a Logitech so I can use the same Unifying receiver as I've now got a Logitech keyboard.

As this will be my third attempt at buying a mouse now, so I'd love some recommendations of real world experience! Thank you!