Question Wireless network card not working with home WiFi but with other WiFi

Feb 21, 2019
Hello guys,

I'm having a really annoying problem with my newly built stationary. I'm running a home WiFi network with the Archer C2 AC750. I have zero problems with the WiFi on my laptop, my phone, my TV, my GFs phone and her laptop. However the stationary cannot stay connected to the internet for more than a few minutes via my home WiFi. I've been using my phone as a hotspot (currently on that to post this) and it never drops out of the connection which leads me to believe the problem lies with the AC750 router.

The problem has occurred with both the wireless network card which I'm using at the moment as well as an Archer T1U usb dongle (I actually bought the card as I thought the dongle was faulty...)
What's weird is that it stays connected to the actual WiFi, and I can even stream movies via Plex to my TV even though it doesn't keep the internet connection. When I attempt to load a website or run the network diagnostics tool as the connection disappears I've gotten several different errors:

Windows can't communicate with the device or resource primary dns server

I've tried the following things:

  1. Resetting my WiFi
  2. Assigning permanent IP adresses to each MAC-address on the WiFi
  3. Resetting/releasing and renewing IPCONFIG via command prompt
  4. Setting a specific DNS server (both primary and secondary)
  5. Reinstalled Windows (thought it might have been infected)
- Running a self-build stationary:
CPU: i5-8400​
Motherboard: ASRock B360M-HDV​
WiFi: Netis WF2113 wireless network card (also tried a Archer T1U, bought the card as I thought the dongle was faulty)​
PSU: Corsair VS300​
Running Windows 10​

Router is a Archer C2 AC750, 6 connected devices daily.

I hope someone can help me figure out the issue, so I can start using my stationary computer properly :) Any help is highly appreciated!